Ek Hi Maqsad movie
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Ek Hi Maqsad movie 1988: Bollywood Hindi film

Ek Hi Maqsad movie is a 1988 Bollywood Hindi action film directer is Pravin Bhatt while the producer is Raj Baweja.

The film star cast are Om Puri, Divya Rana, and Danny Denzongpa.

Aadha Ram Aadha Ravaan was the earlier name of the movie. Along with this title, the movie’s music was also released. The producers changed the title to Ek Hi Maqsad at the last minute.

  • Director: Pravin Bhatt
  • Screenplay: Santosh Saroj
  • Producer : Raj Baweja
  • Star cast : Om Puri,Divya Rana,Danny Denzongpa
  • Cinematography: Pravin Bhatt
  • Editor: B. Prasad
  • Art director : Bijon Das Gupta
  • Music director: Pankaj Udhas
  • Production company: The Bharat Pictures
  • Playback singer : Asha Bhosle,Aziz Naza,Anuradha Paudwal
  • Release date: 22 April 1988
  • Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller
  • Country: India
  • Language: Hindi

Story of the film

Indu and her father, a widower, lead middle-class lives. She enrolls in college, meets Raj, and the two fall in love. Indu rejects her lecturer and sings and dances with Raj before they ride off on his motorcycle. Raj follows Indu everywhere, including a picnic, much to the dismay of her professor.

Indu is molested by some thugs, a fight breaks out, she is kidnapped and thrown off a cliff, and the car carrying the molestationists blows up. Raj loses his mind and is hospitalized at C.T. Mental Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Ram Kumar Verma after believing Indu to be dead.

When Raj recovers, he is released from the hospital, learns that Indu is still alive, and goes to see her in an effort to have an intimate relationship with her. When Dr. Verma himself, her husband, walks in and discovers them together, he resolves to kill them.

Despite killing Raj, he is caught and imprisoned in the same hospital where he works before he can kill Indu. He escapes one day to complete his sole objective—to assassinate Indu—no matter what.

Star cast

  • Om Puri as a Dr. Ram Kumar Verma
  • Divya Rana as a Indu Verma ‘Dimpy’
  • Raj Kiran as a Raj
  • Danny Denzongpa as a Inspector Deepak
  • Rakesh Bedi as a Stage Actor Preetam
  • Satish Shah as a Inmate at C.T. Mental Hospital
  • Kim as a Item Dancer
  • Rita Rani Kaul
  • Sarwar
  • Bharat Bhushan as a Indu’s dad
  • Sulabha Arya as a Indu’s College Teacher
  • Bansal as a Dr. Bansal
  • Neena Vij
  • Bhupendra Sood
  • Tarendra
  • Brij Gopal as a Police Inspector
  • Ramesh Goyal as a Avinash
  • Ajay Sharma

Ek Hi Maqsad movie songs and Music :

The film Music composer is Pankaj Udhas while the lyricist is Mumtaz Rashid.

  • “Chandi Jaisa Rang Hai”…………………..Pankaj Udhas
  • “Gaadi Na Chal Saki”………………….Aziz Nazan
  • “Deewaaron Se Milkar”……………………Anuradha Paudwal
  • “Mohe Aayi Na Jag Se Laaj”……………………..Asha Bhosle
  • “Mera Mehboob Hai Ya”……………………Asha Bhosle

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