Biwi Ho To Aisi movie 1988
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Biwi Ho To Aisi movie 1988: Bollywood Hindi film

Biwi Ho To Aisi movie is a Bollywood Hindi action film directer is J.K. Bihari while the producer is Suresh Bhagat.

The film’s star cast is Rekha, Farooq Sheikh, Bindu, Kader Khan, and Salman Khan.

  • Director: J.K. Bihari
  • Writer: J.K. Bihari
  • Producer: Suresh Bhagat
  • Star cast : Rekha,Farooq Shaikh,Kader Khan,Bindu,Salman Khan
  • Music director: Laxmikant–Pyarelal
  • Cinematography: Shyam Rao
  • Editor: Govind Dalwadi
  • Art directer : Rajaram Kharade
  • Production manager: Ramesh Tripathi
  • Playback singers: Mohammed Aziz, Anuradha Paudwal
  • Release date: 22 August 1988
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama
  • Running time: 189 minutes
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama
  • Country: India
  • Language: Hindi

Story of the film

The Bhandari family belongs to the wealthy upper class. The female head of household of the Bhandari family, Kamla (Bindu), firmly rules over the home. While her gharjamai husband Kailash (Kader Khan) stays at home, she manages the family company. Kamla desires for her oldest son Suraj (Farooq Shaikh) to wed a woman who shares their socioeconomic standing.

However, against Kamla’s wishes, Suraj follows his heart and weds the talented yet modest village belle Shalu (Rekha), much to Kamla’s anger. With their sly and crafty strategies used against her, Kamla swears to kick her out of the house with the help of her hilarious but cunning secretary (Asrani).

In the meantime, Shalu makes an effort to be a good daughter-in-law by attempting to win Kamla’s affection. Her young brother-in-law Vikram, a.k.a. Vicky (Salman Khan), who occasionally cannot bear the injustices imposed out to his sister-in-law and gets vocal in his protests against his oppressive mother, and her father-in-law Kailash, who treats her like a daughter, are both fully supportive and understanding of her situation.

After numerous efforts at degrading her and making personal assaults, Shalu finally responds in kind, and toward the end of the story, her true identity is exposed. She amazes everyone with her impeccable speech and diction, which stands in stark contrast to her image as a natural rural beauty.

She is identified by her father, Ashok Mehra, a Bhandari family friend. Kamla discovers that Shalu is Mehra’s Oxford-educated daughter, who was invited into the family by her father-in-law Kailash with the intention of teaching her a lesson in humanity and humility. Kailash speaks out for the first time against Kamla.

When the family decides to leave her and the house, Kamla realizes her mistake and expresses regret for her treatment of them. Kamla apologizes to everyone truly, and joy returns to the Bhandari home.

Star cast

  • Farooq Shaikh as a Suraj Bhandari
  • Rekha as a Shalu Mehra / Shalu S. Bhandari
  • Salman Khan as a Vikram Bhandari (Vicky), Suraj’s brother
  • Bindu as a Kamla Bhandari
  • Kader Khan as a Kailash Bhandari
  • Om Shivpuri as a Ashok Mehra
  • Renu Arya as a Vikram’s love interest
  • Govardhan Asrani as a Secretary P. K. Patialewala
  • Kamna as a Pinky
  • Ruchi as a Ms. Poonawala
  • Sandeep Solanki
  • Raja Duggal as a Dak Bangla Keeper
  • Jugnu
  • Master Bhagwan as a Dancer
  • Lalita Kumari as a Mrs. Poonawala
  • Vicky Ranawat
  • Gulshan Bawra as a Mr. Poonawala

Biwi Ho To Aisi movie songs and Music

The film Music composer are Laxmikant–Pyarelal while the lyricist is Anjaan.

  • “Main Hoon Paanwali”………………………Alka Yagnik
  • “Main Tera Ho Gaya”…………………..Alka Yagnik, Mohammad Aziz
  • “Mere Dulhe Raja”……………………Alka Yagnik
  • “Phool Gulaab Ka”……………………..Anuradha Paudwal, Mohammad Aziz
  • “Saasu Ji Tuune Meri”…………………….Anuradha Paudwal
  • “Sancha Tera Naam”…………………….Anuradha Paudwal

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