Pardes (1997-movie) : Hindi Flim

Pardes Bollywood Flim :

 Pardes is a 1997 Indian Hindi-language musical drama film directer Subhash Ghai. It was released on 8 August 1997.The film stars Shahrukh Khan, Amrish Puri, Alok Nath and newcomers Mahima Chaudhry and Apurva Agnihotri. The film was a commercial, critical and musical hit. Mahima Chaudhry won the Best Newcomer Award for her performance. The film was remade in Telugu as Pelli Kanuka 1998.



Directer : Subhash Ghai
Producer : Subhash Ghai
Writter : Subhash Ghai,Neeraj Pathak,Javed Siddiqui
Starring : Shah Rukh Khan,Amrish Puri,Mahima Chaudhry,Apoorva Agnihotri,Alok Nath,Himani Shivpuri,Aditya Narayan
Music : Nadeem-Shravan
Cinematography : Kabir Lal
Edited : Renu Saluja
Distributed : Mukta Arts
Release date : 8 August 1997
Running time : 191 mins
Country : India
Language : Hindi

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Souten: The Other Woman (2006-movie) : Hindi Flim

Souten: The Other Woman Bollywood Flim :

 Souten: The Other Woman is a 2006 Bollywood film writter & directer by Karan Razdan, starring Gulshan Grover, Mahima Chaudhry, Vikram Singh, Kiran Rathod and Shakti Kapoor in the lead roles. The film was released on 24 March 2006.



Directer : Karan Razdan
Writter : Karan Razdan
Starring : Mahima Chaudhry,Gulshan Grover,Shakti Kapoor,Padmini Kolhapure,Kiran Rathod,Vikram Singh
Music : Anand-Milind,Praveen Bharadwaj
Release date : 24 March 2006
Country : India
Language : Hindi

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Sandwich (2006-movie) : Hindi Flim

Sandwich Bollywood Flim :

 Sandwich is a 2006 Indian Hindi comedy film starring Govinda, Raveena Tandon and Mahima Chaudhary. The film is directer Anees Bazmee who is famously known for directing blockbuster comedy films like No Entry,Welcome 2007 and Ready 2011. This film was completed in 2003 but was delayed for three years and finally released in 2006. The movie was remade in Kannada as Double Decker film. Earlier the title of movie was “Hum Do Hamara Ek”. Due to delay in releasing the movie title was changed to “Sandwich”.



Directer : Anees Bazmee
Producer : Smita Thackeray
Writter : Anees Bazmee
Starring : Govinda,Raveena Tandon,Mahima Chaudhry
Music : Sandeep Chowta,Aadesh Shrivastav,Sukhwinder Singh
Distributer : Rahul Productions
Release date : 25 August 2006
Running time : 152 minutes
Country : India
Language : Hindi

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Pyaar Koi Khel Nahin (1999-movie) : Hindi Flim

Pyaar Koi Khel Nahin Bollywood Flim :

Pyaar Koi Khel Nahin is a 1999 Indian Bollywood film directer Subhash Sehgal and producer Sibte Hassan Rizvi. It stars Sunny Deol, Apoorva Agnihotri and Mahima Chaudhry in pivotal roles.


Directer : Subhash Sehgal
Producer : Sibte Hassan Rizvi
Writter : Subhash Sehgal
Starring : Sunny Deol,Apoorva Agnihotri,Mahima Chaudhry
Music : Jatin Lalit
Cinematography : Harmeet Singh
Edited : Subhash Sehgal
Productioncompany : Polygram,Tristars International
Distributed : Columbia Pictures
Release date : 1 August 1999
Running time : 165 min.
Country : India
Language : Hindi


Pyaar Koi Khel Nahin Bollywood

Dil Kya Kare (1999-movie) : Hindi Flim

Dil Kya Kare Bollywood Flim :

Dil Kya Kare is a 1999 Indian drama film, directer by Prakash Jha and producer by Veeru Devgan and Veena Devgan.The film stars Ajay Devgn, Mahima Chaudhry, Kajol and Chandrachur Singh in lead roles.




Directer : Prakash Jha
Producer : Veeru Devgan,Veena Devgan
Story : Prakash Jha
Starring : Ajay Devgn,Mahima Chaudhry,Kajol,Chandrachur Singh
Music : Jatin-Lalit
Cinematography : Rajan Kothari
Edited : Prakash Jha
Release date : 24 September 1999
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Daag (1999-movie) : Hindi Flim

Daag Bollywood Flim :

Daag : The Fire is a 1999 Indian action drama film writter, producer and directer by Raj Kanwar, starring Sanjay Dutt, Chandrachur Singh and Mahima Chaudhry in the lead roles. The film received mixed reviews but achieved Superhit status at the end of its theatrical run.



Directer : Raj Kanwar
Producer : Raj Kanwar
Writter : Raj Kanwar,Jainendra Jain
Screenplay : Robin Bhatt,Akash Khurana
Starring : Sanjay Dutt,Chandrachur Singh,Mahima Chaudhry,Shakti Kapoor
Music : Rajesh Roshan
Cinematography : Harmeet Singh
Edited : A. Muthu
Distributed : Inderjit Films
Release date : 12 February 1999
Running time : 159 Minutes
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Khiladi 420 (2000-movie) : Hindi Flim

Khiladi 420 Bollywood Flim :

Khiladi 420 is an Indian Hindi action film directer by Neeraj Vora and starring Akshay Kumar and Mahima Chaudhry. The film was writter by Uttam Gudda and released on 29 December 2000. It is the seventh installment in the Khiladi series starring Kumar, which included Khiladi 1992, Main Khiladi Tu Anari 1994, Sabse Bada Khiladi 1995, Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi 1996, Mr. and Mrs. Khiladi 1997 and International Khiladi 1999.


Directer : Neeraj Vora
Producer : Keshu Ramsay
Writter : Uttam Gada
Starring : Akshay Kumar,Mahima Chaudhry,Gulshan Grover,Alok Nath
Music : Sanjeev-Darshan
Background Score : Sanjoy Chowdhury
Release date : 29 December 2000
Running time : 168 minutes
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Khiladi 420 Bollywood Flim

Dhadkan (2000-movie) : Hindi Flim

Dhadkan Bollywood Flim :

Dhadkan is a 2000 Indian romantic drama film, directer Dharmesh Darshan. It features Akshay Kumar, Shilpa Shetty and Suniel Shetty in the lead roles, while Mahima Chaudhary makes an extended guest appearance. The film deals with the love triangle. The film was a critical as well as commercial success and was the fourth highest-grossing movie of the year. Sunil Shetty won a Filmfare Best Villain Award for his performance.


Directer : Dharmesh Darshan
Producer :Ratan Jain
Writter :Naseem Mukri,Dharmesh Darshan
Screenplay : Naseem Mukri,Raj Sinha
Starring : Akshay Kumar,Shilpa Shetty,Sunil Shetty,Mahima Chaudhry
Music : Nadeem–Shravan
Background score : Surinder Sodhi
Cinematography : W.B. Rao
Edited : Bharat Singh
Release date : 11 August 2000
Running time : 160 mins
Country : India
Language : Hindi


Dhadkan Bollywood Flim

Deewane (2000-movie) : Hindi Flim

Deewane Bollywood Flim :

Deewane is a 2000 Indian Hindi romantic drama film that stars Urmila Matondkar, Mahima Chaudhry, and Ajay Devgn in a double role.

Directer : Harry Baweja
Producer : Paramjeet Baweja
Writter : Anees Bazmee,Karan Razdan
Starring : Ajay Devgn,Urmila Matondkar,Mahima Chaudhry,Paresh Rawal,Gulshan Grover,Shivaji Satham
Music : Sanjeev-Darshan
Cinematography : Yogesh Jani
Edited : Kuldeep Mehan
Productioncompany : SP Creations
Release date : 11 August 2000
Country : India
Language : Hindi


Zameer : The Fire Within (2004-movie) : Hindi Flim

Zameer : The Fire Within Bollywood Flim :

Zameer : The Fire Within is a 2005 Bollywood film starring Ajay Devgn, Amisha Patel and Mahima Chaudhry. The film was directer by Kamal and was remake of the hugely popular Malayalam blockbuster Mazhayethum Munpe.


Directer : Kamal
Producer : Nitin Raj Aryadath
Writter : Srinivasan
Starring : Ajay Devgn,Amisha Patel,Mahima Chaudhry
Music : Jatin-Lalit,Nikhil-Vinay
Cinematography : Hari Nair
Distributed : Eklavya Visions Pvt. Ltd.Neptune Films
Release date : 4 March 2005
Running time : 150 mins
Language : Hindi


Zameer : The Fire Within Bollywood