Kisna The Warrior Poet (2005) Hindi Film

Kisna: The Warrior Poet (2005) : Hindi Film



Kisna: The Warrior Poet (2005) : Hindi Film and Trailer.



Kisna: The Warrior Poet is an bollywood Hindi movie writter , editer, producer and directer is Subhash Ghai and starring

Vivek Oberoi (who plays the title role), Antonia Bernath, and Isha Sharvani. The musical movie is set in the British India of the

tumultuous 1940s when bollywood nationalists fighting for the country’s independence rose up as one, urging the British Raj to

leave. It is a love story about two people who are torn between Karma (the noble deed) and Dharma (the duty). The movie has

two veteran composers, A. R. Rahman and Ismail Darbar; the lyrics were writter is Javed Akhtar. This movie also marks Amrish

Puri’s final performance. The movie,however, did not perform well at the box office. The movie was premiered in the Marché

du Film section of the 2005 Cannes movie Festival.

Directer : Subhash Ghai
Producer : Subhash Ghai
Writter : Subhash Ghai (Dialogue)
Screenplayer : Subhash Ghai,Sachin Bhowmick,Farrukh Dhondy
Storier : Subhash Ghai
Starring : Vivek Oberoi,Antonia Bernath,Isha Sharvani,Amrish Puri
Musicer : A.R. Rahman (Songs),Ismail Darbar (Songs),A.R. Rahman (Background Score)
Cinematography : Ashok Mehta
Editer : Subhash Ghai
Productioncompany : Mukta Arts Pvt.Ltd
Distributer : Mukta Arts Pvt.Ltd
Release date : 21 January 2005
Running time : 171 mins
Country : India
Language : Hindi,English
Budget : 250 Millions
Box office : 9.2 Millions