Angelina Jolie opens up on her 1 Year Old Bell’s Palsy :

More  facts to know about the Bell’s Palsy (Facial Palsy ) :


Bell's Palsy

Bell’s Palsy

In Bell’s Palsy There is One Side Of Facial Muscle Become weakens or paralyses.

This disorder can impact anyone. It is caused due to some kind of trauma to the “facial nerve” also known as 7th the cranial nerve.

Angelina Jolie was suffering from hypertension which is linked to the condition.There Are Too Many Star Like Pierce Brosnan,George Clooney.

Diabetics and people recovering from viral infections are more prone to Bell’s Palsy.

Other Disease Like Lyme disease, stress, autoimmune disorders, brain tumours and chronic ear infections can also make one prone to this condition.

According to doctors, this condition arises due to damage caused to a facial nerve that passes through a narrow Hole in the skull which results in swelling Of The Nerve Or Compression And Sometimes Damage To The Facial Nerve. This swelling of the nerve affects its functioning and it gets pushed against the hard surface of the skull.

Facial Nerve Keep Working All Facial Muscle Like Orbicularis Oculi That Close And Open Eye, Frontalis, And Other Facial Muscle That Muscle Are Useful In Facial Express Like Smiling.

At times, people suffering from this condition often get Depressed  thinking that they are getting a stroke, but strokes impacting the facial muscles weaken muscles in other parts of the body too.

This condition can be treated with corticosteroid medicines (such as prednisone), which can help the facial muscle regain their movement.

Physiotherapy Treatment is Most Advanced Treatment in Bell’s Palsy In Which Electrical Stimulator Give To Each Facial Muscle And Exercise Of Facial Muscle is Required.

Within Few Weeks All Facial Muscle Easily Working Properly And Very Few Patient Not Able To Improve May Require EMG/NCV Report Of Facial Nerve.