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Sur – The Melody of Life Bollywood Film :


Sur – The Melody of Life is 2002 Hindi film starring Lucky Ali and Gauri Karnik in the main leads. Its co-stars are Simone Singh, Achint Kaur, Ehsaan Khan, Divya Dutta, Nitin, and Harsh Vashisht. This movie is loosely based on a 1992 Telugu musical hit film Swati Kiranam.



Directer : Tanuja Chandra
Producer : Rangita Pritish Nandy,Pooja Bhatt
Writter : Tanuja Chandra
Starring : Lucky Ali,Gauri Karnik,Simone Singh,Achint Kaur,Divya Dutta,Nitin
Music : M. M. Kreem
Cinematography : Nirmal Jani
Edited : Hemanti Sarkar
Release date : 13 September 2002
Country : India
Language : Hindi



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