pronatoe teres

pronator teres



pronator teres is a muscle of the human body,that along with the pronator quadratus, sever to pronate the forearm

The word pronator comes from the Latin pronus, which means “inclined forward or lying face downward”, and has to do with the muscle’s action being pronation of the forearm. The Latin term teres, which means “round or cylindrical shaped” or “long and round”, refers to the shape of the muscle.


ORIGIN : humeral head , medial supra condylar ridge of the humerus
on ulna head coronoid process of the ulna



INSERTION : middle of the lateral surface of the body of the radius


NERVE SUPPLY : median nerve


ACTION/EXERCISE : pronation of forearm and flexion of the elbow

pronator teres

pronator teres


CLINICAL IMPORTANCE : pronator teres syndrome is one cause of wrist pain.
it is a type of neurogenic pain.

patient with pronator teres syndrome have numbness in medain nerve distribution with
repetative supination/ pronation of the forearm , but not in case of elbow flexion and extension.
early fatigue of the forearm muscle is seen with repeetative stressfull activity

especialy ” pronation ”

EMG may show only mild reduced conduction velocity.

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