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: 7835000065
: Patel Nagar
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: $ 5,999.00
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At the very least, GPS vehicle tracking helps you understand where your expensive vehicles are at all times. It deters thieves from trying to steal your car. Apart from these benefits, the efficient system of real time GPS vehicle tracking delivers information about the performance of either an individual vehicle or an entire fleet. You can receive real time alerts when your vehicles cross speed limits or move to unauthorized locations. Therefore, to ensure real time tracking, invest in Letstrack Plus Series - GPS car tracker. Firstly, it has all the features of the basic series. Moreover, it has unique features like engine cut and ignition on/off status.

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502, 5th Floor, Satyam Cineplex
Ranjeet Nagar,
New Delhi-110008, India
Telephone: +91 78278 22000
Email: [email protected]
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