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: 7835000065
: New Delhi, Delhi, India
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Letstrack devices are designed to keep personal safety in mind. In today’s world, personal safety is a major issue to consider. This comprises the safety and well-being of our loved ones. To ensure their personal safety, you can go for a great personal tracking app such as Letstrack Personal Mega Tracking Device. This wonderful device can be kept discreetly in the pocket or in an individual’s bag. Its best feature is the SOS or panic button. If your loved one is in danger, he or she can press this button and you will be notified immediately and come to their rescue. Other features include 24-hour history, real-time tracking, extended battery backup, speed alerts and other specialities.

Moreover, along with a Letstrack device, you can download a free app. Tracking can be done via free app to free app or free app to device.

Choose Letstrack and live your life tension-free!

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502, 5th Floor, Satyam Cineplex
Ranjeet Nagar,
New Delhi-110008, India
Telephone: +91 7827822000
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