Physiotherapy Clinic : Ahmedabad Bapunagar


physiotherapy Clinic Bapunagar

physiotherapy Clinic Bapunagar


Samarpan Physiotherapy Clinic is located near Ramaji Mandir, India Colony Road, Bapunagar, Near Satsangi School, is advanced physiotherapy equipment and physiotherapy treatment is available mainly for paralysis, Like Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, cerebellar Syndrome, Quadruplegia, Congenital Deformity, Like CTEV, Sprangle Sholder,  Valgus Varus Deformity, Age Related Walking problem, Post Operative Joint Stiffness , Overweight ( Obesity ) And Fitness Exercise, Bachache, Nechache, Joint Stiffness, Muscle Pain., Sciatica, Frozen Sholder.


Samarpaun Physiotherapy-Clinic India Colony Road

Samarpan Physiotherapy Clinic


Samarpaun Physiotherapy



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