Mumbhai Connection : Hindi Film

Mumbhai Connection : Hindi Film Details & Trailer

Mumbhai Connection : Hindi Film

Mumbhai Connection is a 2011 Hindi-language film shot entirely in Atlanta, USA. The film was set to release theatrically in August 2014 and Amber Sharma, managing director of Mowgli Productions, was the presenter for the film. It is directer Atlanta Nagendra, who also wrote the screenplay


Directer : Atlanta Nagendra
Producer : Abbas Moloo, Nawal Parwal, Sathya Narayanan Rafiq Batcha and Amber Sharma
Screenplay : Atlanta Nagendra
Starring : Rafiq Batcha,Srinivas,Dick Mays,Alieesa P. Badresia
Editer : Giri Mahesh,Srikanth SH
Production company : Mowgli Productions,Rafiq Media Productions,De Arte Studios
Distributer : Mowgli Productions
Release date : 22 August 2014
Country : India
Language : Hindi

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