Mere Genie Uncle : Hindi film

Mere Genie Uncle : Hindi Film Details & Trailer

Mere Genie Uncle : Hindi film


Mere Genie Uncle is a Bollywood 3D movie directer Ashish Bhavsar and producer Raju Gada, Ashish BHavsar and Paresh Mehta. The film starring Tiku Talsania, Swati Kapoor Shakti Kapoor and Ehsaan Qureshi.


Directer : Ashish Bhavsar
Producer : Raju Gada,Ashish Bhavsar,Paresh Mehta
Screenplay : Ashish Bhavsar
Story : Ashish Bhavsar
Starring : Tiku Talsania,Swati Kapoor
Music : Dlima Nyzel
Cinematography : Nazir Khan,Palash Bose
Editer : Rajesh Khanchi
Production company : Aar Motion Pictures
Release date : 11 September 2015
Country : India
Language : Hindi

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