extensor digitoum muscle also known as extensor digitorum communis.
this extensor digitorum muscle is also present in humans and other animals.



ORIGIN : lateral epicondyle of humerus


INSERTION : extenser expansion of middle and distal phalages of the 2nd ,3rd , 4th and 5th fingurs


NERVE SUPPLY : posterior intrroseous nerve


ACTION/ EXERCISE : extenson of hand ,wrist and fingurs.


CLINICAL IMPORTANCE : A common finding in tennis elbow is pain in the region of
the lateral epicondyle during resisted extension of the middle finger.
We hypothesized that the pain is due to disease in the extensor digitorum communis muscle,
rather than to compression of the radial nerve or disease within extensor carpi radialis brevis.

Pain derived from trigger points in the extensor digitroum could be mistaken for arthritis pain in the fingers or even Tennis elbow because of symptoms at the elbow. Sore and “tender” fingers and aching forearms are also possible, even without actual pain in the joints. Overuse of the fingers in forceful activities such as with pianists, mechanics, carpenters, typists, etc. are likely to cause overload and trigger points in the ED muscle.

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