Modasa City Of Gujarat

Modasa is a town and a region in Aravalli area in the Indian province of Gujarat.

Modasa progressed toward becoming central station of new Aravalli locale, cut out from innate commanded territories of Sabarkantha. The new locale was announced on January

26, 2013 and shaped on August 15, 2013.

It is a monetary community for farming fares, at both the common and national levels. As an inside for the encompassing towns, Modasa goes about as a

transportation center point for the two inhabitants and travelers, and has two huge doctor’s facilities. The city likewise gives a core of specialists to the general population of northern

Gujarat and a few transients of southern Rajasthan.

Modasa is developing as a training place for the zone, with new drug store and building universities and CBSE school enhancing the more

customary instructive resources. The city presently has schools of law, science, instruction, expressions, trade, and drug store, and additionally business organization

to MBA BBA and BCA levels. Study courses kept running by the Government Engineering school incorporate mechanical, PC, hardware and correspondence,

structural designing, electrical, and car building.



The historical backdrop of Modasa goes back a huge number of years. It is trusted that locale around Modasa has been populated since the times of Indus valley

progress. Numerous building things, coins, religious relics, block and so forth are found at removal locales around Modasa. These discoveries are proof of

the conspicuous job Modasa played amid different times of Indian history. Modasa has been place of hugeness in the seasons of Mauryas, Shatvahns,

Kshtraps Guptas, Maritrakas, Rastrakutas and so on. It is trusted that Modasa is refereed as Maulayashah tirth in Skand puran. Likewise an over 2000-year-old

stone has been discovered that alludes to put as Mandasan. It is additionally asserted that in past Modasa was called Modhak vas or Mohadakvas. In spite of the fact that it isn’t

demonstrate where this innocence originated from.

Modasa has been alluded to in numerous religious stories from past.[citation needed] Temples of numerous assorted confidence and religion are found all through the

town. Among Hindus, Jains and Shiva admirers ruled town for a long time. Pusti marg was presented just around 300 years back.

Modasa is additionally renowned for Hajrat Makhdum shah lahoria Sufi holy person who spread Islam in modasa, notwithstanding changing over Parmar lord of that time Raja


In medieval occasions Modasa used to be the rest point for voyagers going to Surat port for Mecca from northern Indian spots like Delhi, and so forth.

The design destinations around Modasa demonstrate that once there was a kote (divider) around the town. Additionally there are signs that the kote has been

wrecked numerous times.[by whom?] Though points of interest are restricted it is trusted that town was sacked in past by armed forces from Muslims subas of Gujarat also

as Marathas.

It was a critical wilderness braced post amid Gujarat Sultanate (1415) under Sultan Ahmed Shah I. At the end of the sixteenth century it was the

boss place in a tract of 162 towns, yielding a yearly income of £80,000 (Rs. 8,00,000). Under the Mughals, Shahab-ud-commotion, the third Viceroy (1577-1583),

repaired the post at Modasa, and positioning a gathering of mounted force there totally settled the nation. Amid the eighteenth century Modasa significantly

declined, and when (1818) it went under British administration, the town was generally in reverse. Rapidly recouping, it had in 1825 a various and

respectable assortment of dealers with an expected capital of (Rs. 9,00,000)

Amid British run however the greater part of the region around Modasa was under province of Idar, Modasa was under direct control of British government in India. This

might have acquired some security the late nineteenth century. Amid the times of autonomous battle, driven by Mahatma Gandhi, Modasa took an interest exceptionally

effectively. Beginning from 1930’s Modasa was a lively place for the peaceful styagrah development.

There was a British traveler transport named after Modasa. The “S.S Modasa” was one of a class of six close sister ships claimed by British-India Steam

Route Co. Worked by Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson.

Modasa RTO code is GJ-31 rather than GJ-33


Odhari Lake

Modasa is situated at 23.47°N 73.3°E. It has a normal rise of 197 meters (646 feet).[Most of the water for Modasa originates from the Mazum waterway, on

which, around 5 kilometers from Modasa, a dam is arranged.

Instructive Institutions In Modasa

Government Engineering College Modasa

After autonomy the pioneer of Modasa chose to accept the open door to give advanced education to the destitute of this region and build up an open

beneficent trust which is enlisted the Act. The motivation behind this trust is to build up and run an organization for advanced education obliging the requirements of

this zone and carry them into the standard. The trust is suitably named after a notable progressive, opportunity contender, social laborer and educationist

“Shri Mathuradas Laljidas Gandhi”. The M. L. Gandhi Higher Education Society began Arts and Science College first with the gift of liberal

contributors like Sir Purushottamdas Thakordas and Shir Somalal kasturdas Shah and the accomplices of Shir krishan Oil Mill. Along these lines, the school was named after

them. In this way the main school was called Shir S.K.Shah and Shri Krishan O.M.Arts College and Sir P.T.Science College in 1960. In a brief span this school

begun throbbing with essentialness under the scholarly authority of its first vital Dr.Dhirubhai Thakar, who, after his retirement is caught up with making an

reference book in Gujarat named Gujarati Vishwakosh, a most lofty work. The primary leader of this instruction society was the late shri Raichanddas

Katudas Shah.

Foundations By Modasa College Campus

Sir P T Science College

Shri S K Shah And O.m expressions school

Shri H S Shah College Of Commerce

B D Shah College Of Education

Shri N S Patel law College

Shri B M Shah College Of Pharmacy

Shrimati M L G Bhalavat Pharmacy P G Center

P T C school

Shrimati K A Modi M S W College

Shri B H Gandhi BBA College

Matrushri L J Gandhi BCA College

Dr. N J Shah PGDCA College

Shri K H Patel M.ed Institute

Shri J B Shah English Medium School{Primary To Higher Secondary}

Shri M J Mehta IGNOU Study Center

BAOU Study Center

A R Sura Museum

PCSS Career Development Academy

Different establishments incorporate Makhdum Education society, Chanakya Vishwavidyala, New jump, Karimi Education society, and so forth which run distinctive schools

from essential instruction to advanced education

Modasa additionally Has two building Colleges to be specific 1. Tatva Engineering College 2. Government Engineering College (famously known as GEC MODASA).

GEC modasa was built up in the year 1984 (By the assistance of then Chief Minister of Gujarat Madhav Singh Solanki) and it is known for its best Civil

Building Faculties.


GSRTC transport stop Modasa

Starting at 2001 India registration, Modasa had a populace of 90,000. Guys establish 51% of the male populace and females 49%. Modasa has a normal

proficiency rate of 74%, higher than the national normal of 59.5%: male education is 81%, with female proficiency at 67%. In Modasa, 13% of the populace is

under 6 years old. The Modasa Municipality has populace of 67,648 of which 34,917 are guys while 32,731 are females according to report discharged by

Statistics India 2011.”Modasa populace, India”. Enumeration Department Website. 19 March 2018. Recovered 2018-03-18.</ref>

Striking occupants

Jivaraj Papriwal, an affluent dealer of Modasa who had a huge number of Jain pictures cut and transported to towns crosswise over India. Every one of them bear an

engraving specifying that they were introduced at Modasa in Samvat 1548.

Jigar Shah (Born in Modasa), author of “Sun Edison”, who makes billions of green economy of sun based power age. He demonstrates the world that

supportable sun oriented vitality is an eventual fate of intensity age.

Ramanlal Soni: A gujarati author was likewise conceived in Modasa. He is Famous for his Novels and stories for Children.

Modasa In Popular Culture

Modasa shows up in short gujarati story “Watchman na panjama” by Pannalal Patel.

Flu Outbreak of Modasa was appeared in Aamir Khan’s TV arrangement Satyamev Jayate in season 2 Episode 3.

Kalol City Of Gujarat


Kalol is a city in Gandhinagar region in the Indian territory of Gujarat. Kalol is otherwise called Industry City and Kalol is India’s 38th Cleanest City according to 2017

Swachh Survey.


Starting at 2011 India census,[1] Kalol (M + OG) had a populace of 133,737 with 69,898 guys and 63,839 females; it has 13,719 youngsters matured 0– 6 (7,397

male and 6,322 female), 103,561 literates (57,548 male and 46,013 female) 87% proficiency in Kalol , Total Taluka Population was in 2011 is 3,05,489.

Kalol is partitioned into four noteworthy territories:

Kalol East

Kalol focus

Kalol West

New Panchvati

In East side there are ventures like Sintex (Plastic Industry),Bharat Vijay Mill (Textile Industry) among others and furthermore incorporates neighborhood. Also, in

Focus and West side, these both are neighborhoods. Focus and West territory is most created region of Kalol. In Center, Shreenagar region and close Garden

territory, Vardhmannagar zone is created region of Kalol. As of now, West Panchwati region is creating zone. The Cost of habitation region is high in

Focus territory and generally in West region of Kalol. Shopping centers are additionally arranged in focus region. New panchvati region is most creating zone.

Shree Sardar Patel Garden is extremely notable garden of Kalol.

Kalol Municipality Building at Mahendra Mill Road, Kalol

Kalol Municipality Building side view.


Kalol has a normal rise of 81 meters (266 feet).The city is arranged between three noteworthy urban communities like Ahmedabad,Gandhinagar and Mehsana.SH41

Thruway going through kalol. The city sits on the banks of the Sabarmati River, in north-focal East Gujarat.


Kalol City amid a summer(Black and White)

Kalol has a rainstorm atmosphere with three principle seasons: summer, storm and winter. The atmosphere is for the most part dry and hot outside of the storm

season. The climate is hot to seriously hot from March to June when the most extreme temperature remains in the scope of 36 to 47 °C (97 to 115 °F), and the

least in the scope of 19 to 27 °C (66 to 81 °F). Most noteworthy temperature of Kalol was 48.8 c in May 2016. It is warm from December to February, the

normal greatest temperature is around 29 °C (84 °F), the normal least is 14 °C (57 °F), and the atmosphere is to a great degree dry. The southwest storm

brings a moist atmosphere from mid-June to mid-September.The normal yearly precipitation is around 803.4 mm (31.63 in).


Hindus are the biggest religious network of the city. Different religious networks incorporate Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Jains.As per evaluation of 2011

Kalol religion resembles Hindu :- 81.5% Muslim:- 8.5% Christian:- 2.9% Sikh:- 3.1% Jain:- 1.8% Others:- 3.2%

Spots of Worship

There are numerous Mosques, Dargah and Temples spread around the town of Kalol.

Significant Hindu sanctuaries are arranged in city territory which incorporates: Satayanarayan Temple, Kapileshwar Mahadev Temple, Ambaji Temple, Bharat Sevashram

Sangha (Hanuman Temple, Durga Temple, Ganesh Temple) and Gayatri Temples, while the celebrated Jamiyatpura Hanuman Temple in Jamiyatpura, is 10

km from Kalol and Tri-Mandir and Adalaj step well which is at Adalaj cross street is additionally 10 km from Kalol.

Different religious spots like Gurudwara, Church and Derasar are additionally arranged in various regions of Kalol.

Close Tower, Ghanchiwad Mosque is Well known while in Kasba area, Shahi Jama Masjid is exceptionally notable.


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Kalol lies between three urban areas: Ahmedabad (biggest city Of Gujarat), Gandhinagar(Capital and Green City of Gujarat) and Mehsana making it an essential

city for transportation.


Closest Domestic and International Airport is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in close-by Ahmedabad is 30 km far from Kalol and gives

availability with residential flights to the Metropolitan and other significant urban areas of India. It likewise gives numerous International flights from Ahmedabad to

over the world. second closest airplane terminal will move toward becoming Mehsana yet it is under development! In brief time it will work by Authorities of India.


Kalol Junction lies on the fundamental railroad line associating Ahmedabad to Jaipur, Marwad, Aburoad, New Delhi, Jodhpur, Bikaner and other North Indian

states. Kalol Railway Station is on the Western Railways:Ahmedabad-Mehsana line. The fundamental prepare associations incorporate Ranakpur Express,

Ahmedabad-Haridwar Yoga Express, Aravalli Express and Ahmedabad-Patan Passenger, Ahmedabad-Jaipur Passenger, Ahmedabad-Jodhpur

Passenger,Ahmedabad-Aburoad Passenger and so forth. Kalol intersection is under development of jolt and multiplying line.


Real street of Kalol is SH41. It has associate with real urban communities Ahmedabad and Mehsana and furthermore associated with Palanpur, Aburoad. Kalol is associated with

Surat, Mumbai, and Navi Mumbai through National Highway 8A. It is associated with Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Udaipur, New Delhi and Chandigarh through the

National Highway 8C. Roadway additionally associating with Mount Abu-Ambaji likewise goes through the town.

Nearby Transport

The Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) transports are accessible for every significant city of Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) office

is accessible at three transport remains in Kalol. 1) City Depot Bus Stand, 2) Ambica Nagar stand, 3) Work shop transport remain at Kalol is helpful to get transport for

anyplace in Gujarat. By the GSRTC transport administrations Kalol is associated exceptionally well north gujarat urban areas like Palanpur, Deesa, Unjha, Siddhpur, Himmatnagar,

Patan, Radhanpur and Kadi.CNG auto-rickshaws are accessible for nearby transport.

Ahmedabad to Kalol By Road Distance : 30 Kilometer and Gandhinagar to Kalol By Road Distance : 20 Kilometer, Mehsana to Kalol By Road Distance : 45

Kilometers, Palanpur to Kalol By Road Distance : 165 Kilometers


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Rancher and Fertilizers Industry

Kalol City

IFFCO Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative is Gujarat’s greatest industry which is situated at Kasturinagar Kalol.

Oil Station

An ONGC oil station is likewise arranged at Saij, Kalol.

Neighborhood Industry

The town is an imperative modern focus with numerous enterprises in and close town of Chhatral. Sintex (Plastic Giant) and Bharat Vijay Mill (Cloth

Producer) are arranged in Kalol. Sintex is the biggest producer of plastic tanks in Asia, and performs business all over Europe and America

through its remote acquisitions. Asahi Songwon Colors Limited driving Pigment Manufacturer of India has its head office at Chhatral other than its another

producing plant in vadodara. Overwhelming Metal and Tubes Ltd. has 3 producing units at Chhatral street and a corporate office at Ahmedabad.

Focus picture of kalol city

Building and different focuses

India’s biggest composts organization, IFFCO has setup its First Ammonia-Urea Complex in 1974 at Kalol in Gujarat state. It has charged on Nov.05,

1974 Kalol was IFFCO’s second enormous creation office and the most proficient. After the ongoing development plan the aggregate yield of the office is going to

increment by complex. In 2014-15 IFFCO’s Kalol plant created 0.360 MTPA of Ammonia and 0.550 of Urea, achieving another stature. IFFCO Kalol accomplished

most reduced yearly vitality utilization for the two Ammonia and Urea Plants. It has set up a Kasturinagar Township close Kalol.


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Significant celebrations commended incorporate

Durga Puja, A Bengali variant of Navaratri, sorted out by nearby Bengali people group at Bharat Sevashram Sangha. Puja begins from sixth day of Navaratri and

closes on Vijaya Dasami (Dashera).

Uttarayan, a yearly kite-flying day on 14 and 15 January.

Navaratri: Nine evenings – Navratri are commended with individuals performing Garba, the most mainstream society move of Gujarat, at scenes over the city.

Diwali and Gujarati New year: The celebration of lights, Deepavali, is commended with the lighting of lights in each house, designing the floors with

rangoli, and the lighting of sparklers.

Holi: a celebration of hues

Dussehra and Ravan Dahan (Rama Navami) is commended by Sindhi people group of Kalol, And it was praised on Vakharia School Ground till 2013 yet

At 2014 it celebrated at Auda Gordan Near by Kapileshwar Mahadev Temple

Shivaratri celebrated at Kapileshwar Mahadev Temple

Janmashtami commended different sanctuaries in Kalol

Ganesh Chaturthi

Christmas is commended by the Christian Community(Kalol Christian Fellowship – KCF) at St. Xavier’s Church, Kalol on 24th and 25 December consistently.

Onam is commended by the Kerala Community living in Kalol in the start of the period of Chingam, the principal month of the sun oriented Malayalam


Bakra Eid is commended by the Muslim Community consistently.


The people moves of Gujarat, Garba, Raas, and Dandiya have been fruitful in breaking the imprisonments of region, and the celebration of Navratri brings

together the entire of India. Exceptional moving rivalries and luxurious dining experiences are sorted out amid the blessed celebration of Navratri. Amid the unmistakable

celebration of Navratri numerous types of moves are performed; raas is one of them. Raas is an extremely fiery and vivid move in which non-verbal communication, eye

contact, articulations and cadence have a noteworthy influence. Two circles framed by people rotate clockwise and anticlockwis

Sautela (1999-movie) : Hindi Flim

Sautela Bollywood Flim :

Sautela is a 1999 Hindi-language Indian feature film directer T. Rama Rao, starring Mithun Chakraborty in the lead role.The film, a remake of Tamil-language film Cheran Pandiyan also introduced 3 South Indian Heroines, Priya Raman, Priyanka Upendra and Rajashree to Bollywood.

Directer : T. Ramarao
Producer : Dharmanand Joshi
Writter : Santhosh Suraj
Story : Erode Sounder
Starring : Mithun Chakraborty,Suresh Oberoi,Gulshan Grover,Rami Reddy,Reema Lagoo
Music : Tabun Sutradhar
Cinematography : D. Prasadbabu
Edited : Shyam Mukherji
Productioncompany : Trishakti Films
Release date : 12 November 1999
Language : Hindi



Sarfarosh (1999-movie) : Hindi Flim

Sarfarosh Bollywood Flim :

Sarfarosh is a 1999 Indian action drama film producer, writter & directer John Matthew Matthan and starring Naseeruddin Shah, Aamir Khan and Sonali Bendre. John started working on Sarfarosh in 1992. Seven years were spent on the research, pre-production and production till it finally released in 1999. The film deals with an Indian police officer’s quest to stop cross-border terrorism.The film was released at the time of the Kargil conflict when tensions between India and Pakistan were high. The film was critically praised and was commercially successful at the box office.and was a ‘Super hit’. at Box office.The film won the National Film Award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment, the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Film, and was screened at the International Film Festival of India.The film was remade in Kannada as Sathyameva Jayathe with Devaraj and in Telugu as Astram with Vishnu Manchu and Anushka Shetty. Sarfarosh is one of the finest police genre films of all time.

Directer : John Matthew Matthan
Producer : John Matthew Matthan
Writter : John Matthew Matthan
Starring : Naseeruddin Shah,Aamir Khan,Sonali Bendre,Shri Vallabh Vyas,Mukesh Rishi,Pradeep Rawat
Music : Jatin-Lalit
Background Score : Sanjoy Chowdhury
Cinematography : Vikas Sivaraman
Edited : Jethu Mundul
Productioncompany : Cinematt Pictures
Distributed : Eros Entertainment
Release date : 30 April 1999
Running time : 174 minutes
Country : India
Language : Hindi



Sanyasi Mera Naam (1999-movie) : Hindi Flim

Sanyasi Mera Naam Bollywood Flim :

Sanyasi Mera Naam is a 1999 Hindi-language Indian feature film directer Imran Khalid, starring Mithun Chakraborty, Siddharth Dhawan, Shalini Kapoor, Raushni Jaffrey, Kader Khan, Milind Gunaji and Dhananjay Singh. The film also has Dharmendra in a special appearance.

Directer : Imran Khalid

Producer : Manisha Vimal

Writter : Sami-Javed

Starring : Mithun Chakraborty,Dharmendra,Siddharth Dhawan,Shalini Kapoor,Raushni Jaffrey,Kader Khan,Dhananjay Singh

Music : Anand-Milind

Release date : 1 October 1999

Running time : 135 min.

Language : Hindi

Sanyasi Mera Naam

Sangharsh (1999-movie) : Hindi Flim

Sangharsh Bollywood Flim :

Sangharsh is a 1999 Indian psychological thriller film directer Tanuja Chandra. It stars Akshay Kumar, Preity Zinta, and Ashutosh Rana in lead roles.This movie is loosely based on The Silence of the Lambs.

Directer : Tanuja Chandra
Producer : Mukesh Bhatt
Writter : Mahesh Bhatt,Girish Dhamija
Starring : Akshay Kumar,Preity Zinta,Ashutosh Rana
Music : Jatin-Lalit
Cinematography : Dharma Teja
Edited : Amit Saxena
Distributed : Vishesh Films
Release date : 3 September 1999
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Sangharsh Bollywood

Samar (1999-movie) : Hindi Flim

Samar Bollywood Flim :

Samar is a 1999 Indian feature film directer Shyam Benegal. This movie is based on the book “Unheard Voices: Stories of Forgotten Lives” by Harsh Mander.It was producer National Film Development Corporation of India, a government agency.It stars Rajeshwari Sachdev, Jonhawiwi Forsywas, Kishore Kadam and Seema Biswas among others. The film is in Hindustani. The film’s music is composed by Vanraj Bhatia. It won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in 1999.


Directer : Shyam Benegal
Producer : National Film Development Corporation of India,Raj Pius
Writter : Ashok Mishra
Starring : Rajeshwari Sachdev, Rajit Kapur, Kishor Kadam, Ravi Jhankal, Seema Biswas
Music : Vanraj Bhatia
Cinematography : Rajan Kothari
Edited : Aseem Sinha
Release date : 1999
Running time : 126 mins
Language : Hindi,Urdu

Samar Bollywood


Safari (1999-movie) : Hindi Flim

Safari Bollywood Flim :

Safari is a 1999 Indian Hindi romantic adventure film directer Jyotin Goel and starring Sanjay Dutt and Juhi Chawla.It is a remake of Australian comedy Crocodile Dundee.


Directer : Jyotin Goel
Producer : Jyotin Goel
Writter : Jyotin Goel
Starring : Sanjay Dutt,Juhi Chawla
Music : Shyam-Mohan
Cinematography : Cham K. Bajoo
Edited : Omkar Bakhri
Release date : 11 June 1999
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Safari Bollywood

Rajaji (1999-movie) : Hindi Flim

Rajaji Bollywood Flim :

Rajaji is a 1999 Bollywood comedy movie producer & directer Vimal Kumar; starring Govinda and Raveena Tandon. The movie is the number 38 grosser of the year amongst Hindi movies.This movie is more or less a rough remake of the 1982 Rakesh Roshan film Kaamchor.


Directer : Vimal Kumar
Producer : Vimal Kumar
Writter : Satish Jain
Screenplay : Satish Jain
Story : Satish Jain
Starring : Govinda,Raveena Tandon,Shakti Kapoor,Ranjeet,Aruna Irani,Kader Khan,Guddi Maruti.
Music : Anand-Milind & Vishwajeet Mukherjee.
Cinematography : Anil Dhanda.
Edited : Prakash Dave.
Release date : 21 May 1999
Country : India
Language : Hindi


Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi (1999-movie) : Hindi Flim

Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi Bollywood Flim :

Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi is a 1999 Bollywood romantic comedy film directer Raj Kaushal.The film starred debutantes Rinke Khanna, Dino Morea and Sanjay Suri. The film is set against the backdrop of a Performing Arts College.Percept Picture Company, an advertising agency has producer Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi with 300 debutantes, an industry first in Indian cinema. Upon release the film received mixed to positive reviews. The soundtrack remained an all time chart buster.

Directer : Raj Kaushal
Producer : Tyger Productions,Raj Kaushal
Writter : Patrick Biswas,Shailendra Singh
Starring : Rinke Khanna,Dino Morea,Sanjay Suri
Music : Vishal Dadlani,Shekhar Ravjiani,Samrat,Shiraz Moti,Salim-Sulaiman
Background Score : Salim-Sulaiman
Cinematography : Rajiv Jain
Distributed : Percept Picture Company
Release date : 25 June 1999
Running time : 173 mins
Country : India
Language : Hindi


Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi